Drive and Tail Rollers

We work very closely with the manufacturers of our drive and tail rollers to supply the best quality products at the best price possible. The bulk of these are made in Yorkshire, none of our drive and tail rollers are made in the far east.

Also known as drive and tail drums or pulleys. Drive, tail and snub rollers are made to order, either from a drawing or copied from existing. We do keep some standard ones in stock, such as the tail rollers  for Extec crushers and Wirtgen planers. Worn out drums can be the cause of belt tracking issues. often, drums have a domed or “crowned” surface which helps keep the conveyor belt central. When this crown wears flat, or even convex, the belt can wander from one side to another increasing the chances of the belt catching and ripping. As with all our products, we strive to provide the best quality options on the market. Our drive and tail rollers are made from high grade steel to prevent premature wear. Cheaper alternatives often have a thinner wall so will wear quickly and therefore represent poor value for money in the long term.

Drive rollers are usually rubber covered to increase grip which in turn increases belt life, economy and productivity. We can re-cover drive drums in various ways: Hot vulcanising is the best, most hard wearing way, but the drum must be stripped from the machine and we usually need about a week turn-around time. The second option is cold bonding which can be done in-situ, but is less hard wearing. Cold bonded rubber needs 24 hours to cure. The third option is weld-on, pre bonded rubber strips. These can be done in-situ by anyone with a welder and the machine can be run straight away.

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