Honeycomb Mats - M5

Honeycomb Mats Honeycomb Mats

The M5 mat is a series of holes surrounded by fully vulcanized latex, or latex/Nitrile mix. It is flexible, hardwearing and long lasting. The holey mats (Or ring mats, honeycomb grass protection mats) come in two sizes and two grades. The honeycomb mats are ideal for allowing new grass growth on poached areas, reducing mud in heavily used gateways, creating slip free pathways, grass protection, or for containing gravel. Because the honeycomb grass protection mats (Ring mats) are flexible, they can be laid straight onto existing grass, or hard standing with no pre-preparation. They are totally non slip in any weather making them ideal for use as muddy gateway mats.

M522 for poached, soft or muddy ground, gateways or play areas. Green, 1.2m x 0.8m. *Low stock, please call to discuss your requirements*

M52LO is the heavy duty version, and a best seller. On firm substrate they are ideal for car parks or heavy vehicle traffic, such as tractors. 1m x 1.5m and black in colour.
M52LO are now accredited with a 2.5m Critical Fall Height. Please see our news page dated 24/05/10 for more information

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M52LO........... £35.00

M522 .............£20.40

*Prices include VAT at 20%, but are subject to delivery costs*