Stable Mats

The M8 stable mats have a slip resistant amoebic or “squiggle” pattern surface which is much easier to sweep than the more conventional “bobble” top. In our own tests we have found the amoebic top to be more non slip than other patterns. The “legs” underneath provide good under mat drainage and evacuate any liquid that may collect underneath. These “legs” also make the mats softer than conventional solid rubber mats. The M8 is ideal as a soft, warm, cost effective and easily handled alternative to conventional bedding. They are ideal for use in mobile and static field shelters, wet pathways and muddy gateways as their legs key into the mud, locking the mats in place, whilst excluding the rain that normally turns the earth into mud. 4′ x 3′ x 7/8″ The M10 is our high quality alternative to the standard 6′ x 4′ cheap stable mat sold elsewhere. Made from the same high-grade rubber, and with the same non-slip, easy sweep surface as our M8 mats, the M10 is a very hard wearing mat. These mats have a grooved urine channel underneath to aid drainage. Sized at 6′ x 4′ x18mm, the mats can be used alone as due to their considerable weight, meaning they can be used alone, and do not need to be fitted “wall-to-wall”. This does mean, however, that they are not as easy to remove for cleaning as the smaller, lighter M8

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